Cadence or "Jody" Calls
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(Possibly the most famous cadence of all)
Two old ladies,layin in bed.
One rolled over to the other and said.
I wanna be an Airborne Ranger!
I wanna live a life of danger.

A Terrible Jam in Viet Nam

Come on all of you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs ya' help again.
Got himself in a terrible jam.
Way down yonder in Viet Nam.
So put down your books and pick up a gun
We're all gonna have a whole lotta' fun.
Come on Wall Street don't be slow.
Man this is war so go go go.
There's a lot a good money to be made.
Supplin' the army with the tools of the trade.
Just hope and pray that if we drop the bomb.
We go and drop it on Viet Nam.
Come on generals let move fast.
Your big chance is here at last.
Now we can go out and get those reds.
Cause' the only good Commie is one thats dead.

Bodies, Bleeding Bodies (Editor's note I was happy to hear them singing this one
at Ft Leonard Wood in December of 1999.)

Load another magazine,
in my trusty M16.
Cuz all I ever wanna see!
Is bodies, bleeding bodies.
  Throw another hand grenade!
Should have seen the mess I made.
Cuz all I ever wanna see,
Is bodies, broken bodies.
  Stab em with the bayonet!
If he squirms you're not done yet!
Cuz all I ever wanna see,
Is bodies, cut-up bodies.


A yellow bird
with a little beak
was sitten on
my toilet seat
I pushed him in
I flushed him down
I watched his ass
go round and round.

A little bird
with a yellow bill
was sitten on
my window sill.
I lured him in
with a piece of bread
then I smashed
his fuckin head

Napalm Sticks to Kids

Phantom, phantom flying high
drop that napalm from the sky.
See those kids by the river
drop some napalm watch them quiver.
Napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids!
Napalm sticks to kids!
See those kids by the lake
drop some napalm watch them bake.
Napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids!
Napalm sticks to kids!
See those kids the hut
shove some napalm up their butt!
Napalm (emphasize napalm) sticks to kids!
Napalm sticks to kids!

 Up Jumped a Monkey

Up jumped the monkey from the coconut grove
he was a mean mother fucker, you could tell by his clothes.
He wore a two button ditty, and a three button stitch
he was a loud mouth-mother fuckin, son of a bitch!
He lined a hundred women, up against the wall
and bet anyone, he could fuck them all.
He fucked 98 till his balls turn blue,
Then he backed off, jacked off, and fucked the other two!!!

On My Knees (one from the 80's)

Up in the morning fore the break of day
I don't like it-no way
I eat my breakfast to damn soon
Hungry as hell before noon
I went to the mess SGT on my knees.
Mess SGT mess SGT feed me please.
Mess SGT said with a mean old grin.
If you wanna go Airborne
You've got to be thin
yeah i'm hardcore
lean and mean
fit to fight
outta sight
one mile
no sweat
two miles
better yet
three miles
I can make it
you can make it
lean and mean
on the scene
ARMY green


Up in the mornin' for the break of day.
We are hard core, we can run all day.
We care for our country, we are mighty and brave.
Up in the mornin' for the break of day.
We protect our country all the way.