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October 4, 2017
Charliehorse Trooper Ernest Garcia has authored two books available on Amazon.

Ernest Garcia "The Doorgunner" and "A Cowboy of a Different Kind"

New Guestbook - Entry from Jeff A Selesky

 Really like the website.  I have a WO1 Jerry Foy story.  I was in class 70-47 at Ft Wolters. 
4th WOC (Gold hats) and Jerry was in my flight. 
At sometime he was a drill instructor so naturally he would call out cadence when we marched anywhere. 
Well one day we were headed for the SAB passing (I think) Brigade HQ and he got us singing some off color cadence much to the dismay of the civilian clerks inside.  Well, we all paid for that I can tell you.  But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far away.  When I heard of his passing it hit me hard.

Belated Bronze Star w/V for Ranger PFC  David McMillon
Contributed by Hugh Mills

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